Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Jewelry photography gig

The client was very specific about how the products were to be layed out and she even supplied the props (vase, paper, etc). I took a few with a black background and some more plain backgrounds to try to make the colors 'pop' more. I had a lot of difficulty getting the lighting just right. Natural lighting ended up being the best option as others were tending to cast either a bluish hue or were eiter washing out the colors or reflecting too much. There was a real problem with shadowing with the earings on the ribbon pictures and the vase had some challenges due to the depth of field issue. If one earing was in focus, the other often was not. The macro setting offered the best close up shots, but the narrow depth of field was a problem as I stated earlier plus it was triggering the flash, which, of course, was washing out and reflecting highly.

Necessary purchases:
Macro Lens
Wide angle lens
telephoto lens
external flash
remote shutter release

that will definately set me up a bit better for anything I should need to ever shoot. I really want the telephoto first, but after looking at Steve's pictures, I'm wondering if I should pick up a wide angle first.


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